VW「新型Amarok Aventura 2017」発表;公式デザイン画像集


2017-Volkswagen-Amarok-Aventura_3 2017-Volkswagen-Amarok-Aventura_2

2016-volkswagen-amarok-teaser-1_1035 2016-volkswagen-amarok-teaser-2_1035



The 2017 Volkswagen Amarok has been unveiled in the form of the new-look – and powered-up – VW Amarok Aventura dual-cab ute.

The so-called “premium pick-up” is set to become the only ute in the segment with a turbo diesel V6 engine, with the new 3.0-litre power unit churning out 165kW of power and 550Nm of torque: up markedly on the most powerful twin-turbo four-cylinder engine currently offered in the Amarok (with 132kW and 420Nm).

The fact it is a V6 means it has bragging rights above the likes of the Ford Ranger and Mazda BT-50, both of which have five-cylinder powertrains. The rest of the mainstream ute fraternity is powered by four-cylinder engines. It will be offered in three different power output specifications: 120kW, 150kW or 165kW in the top-spec V6 model. Torque figures are yet to be confirmed for the lower-spec engines.

According to VW that top-model V6 engine offers maximum torque at only 1500rpm, meaning it is “thus able to deliver sufficient propulsive power and torque performance in any situation”, while the top cog in the six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic gearbox is said to be geared to ensure low noise levels and low emissions.

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