Next-gen BMW Z4 grille echoes the 507 roadster

The never-ending strip tease of the Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 (or Z5) continues with the latest shots of the latter. The Bavarian version of the sports car duo was caught by one of our spy photographers, and a few more bits of camouflage have been removed, giving us our clearest look yet at the roadster. The most revealing part is right up front.

While most of the previous Z roadster mules have had generic rectangular cutouts for the BMW’s kidney grilles, this one shows the exact shape of the distinct Bimmer design cue. Now that we can see the rounded edges, we can tell for sure that the grilles span just as wide as we expected. The prodigious width is unlike almost any BMW we’ve seen in recent years, and seems to draw more from the classic 507 roadster of the 1950s. The vents in the front bumper are also quite large, and they’re filled with a plastic mesh with wide openings.

There’s one last detail revealed on this prototype. At the back, the exhaust now has trapezoidal exhaust tips that fit openings in the bumper. Previous prototypes have used round tips that fit the rear bumper. This may indicate a styling or trim package.

As for when we’ll actually see either this or the Supra make a fully revealed appearance is hard to say. Both cars have been in development for years, and they seem to be progressing at a slow pace. Still, we think the companies must be getting close now that detail parts such as lighting and interiors have been seen in close to final forms. Hopefully we’ll see the cars within a year or so.

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