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Fiat 500 gets unique leather trim for charity auction
It may or may not be to everyone’s liking, but the Fiat 500 definitely has a style all its own. This particular example, however, takes it even further. What you’re looking at is the very first example of the freshly facelifted 500 to roll off the assembly line. But it’s not just the serial number that makes it special. The convertible model is painted in Bossa Nova white with a red roof and the 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine with a modest 69 horsepower. What sets it apart, though, is the unique treatment applied by Stefano Conticelli.

The Umbrian master craftsman has hand-applied honey-gold leather trim, but not inside where you’d expect it: the exterior has been decked out in the buttery-soft hides, including the wheel arches, along the quarter panel, on a stripe running down the flank nose, and around the head- and taillights. The leather trim is outlined with a blue stripe reminiscent of Riva yachts. The wing mirrors, meanwhile, have been done up in mahogany wood, and a picnic basket is affixed to the tailgate.

The result, even more than a standard Cinquecento, may not be everyone’s cup of espresso, but it’s certainly unique – and from the photos, at least, looks rather finely crafted. The one-of-a-kind retro city car will be auctioned off in Monte Carlo at the I Defend Gala to raise funds for the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Europe organization.(Autoblog)

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