Fiat「Centoventi Concept」発表:パンダEVはカスタマイズ自由自在!

フィアット「Centoventi concept」は、EV版パンダ!カスタマイズ性の高い趣味車に?フィアット120周年記念モデルとして登場へ!


Fiat Centoventi concept previews future ‘electric Panda’

Fiat has surprised the Geneva Motor Show by unveiling a new electric concept car, called the Centoventi, that reimagines the Fiat Panda supermini as an electric car for the 21st century.

‘Centoventi’ is Italian for ‘120’, and the concept is intended to mark Fiat’s 120th anniversary. Fiat says the new concept car “perfectly expresses the brand’s idea of electric mass mobility in the near future” and is intended to ‘democratise’ electric motoring.

A modular battery system will allow customers to extend the car’s range as needed. As standard, the Centoventi’s battery gives a range of just over 60 miles, for city use. If a longer journey is planned, up to three additional batteries can be added (either purchased or hired temporarily) boosting range to a maximum of over 300 miles. A sliding rail allows the batteries to be fitted or removed quickly at a service centre.

iat says the Centeventi’s design ensures its weight distribution and handling won’t be adversely affected when carrying the extra batteries. The car’s charging socket also incorporates a cable reel, so the cable doesn’t have to be stored in a bag in the boot. Exact battery capacity, charging time and power output figures for the Centeventi have yet to be disclosed.

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