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IAT Kalman Is A  1.9 Million Ford F Series Based SUV Out Of This World

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IAT Kalman Is A $1.9 Million Ford F-Series-Based SUV Out Of This World

Of all the weird and wacky cars we’ve seen at this year’s Beijing Auto Show, nothing comes even remotely close to IAT’s Kalman SUV. With more angles than a spiral staircase, this 6-meter long beast was designed to make extreme SUVs like Hummer’s H1 and Dartz’s Kombat look utterly banal.

But those are production cars, you say – well, guess what? China-based IAT says it will build 10 examples of the Kalman, each carrying a mind-blowing price tag of 12 million RMB or about $1.85 million at today’s exchange rates! That’s 26 times the price of Ford’s most expensive F-450 Super Duty model, the $71,320 Platinum.

We mentioned Ford’s F-450, because according to China’s Auto Sina, the Kalman was built on the underpinnings of the Blue Oval’s truck, using its 362hp (367PS) 6.8-liter Triton V10 gasoline engine.

Take your eyes off that angular body that makes Lexus’ LF-NX Concept seem rounded and head inside, and you’ll find the familiar interior of a 2014 Ford F-150, although heavily customized in a Chinese fashion with gold accents making their appearance felt just about everywhere. Wherever you look, you’ll see surfaces finished in black leather or alcantara with IAT also splashing the interior with as much wood as it could get its hands on.

The Kalman seats four, with the rear passengers getting the royal treatment, including a very Rolls-Royce like ‘Starlight’ headliner, tablet holders, a fridge and even matching teacups in different sizes.


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