RAM「新型POWER WAGON」2017モデル発表;デザイン画像集

ram power wagon 2017

2017-Ram-Power-Wagon-1071-876x535 2017-Ram-Power-Wagon-1061-876x535

2017-Ram-Power-Wagon-1081-876x535 2017-Ram-Power-Wagon-1091-876x535

2017-Ram-Power-Wagon-1101-876x535 2017-Ram-Power-Wagon-1111-876x535

2017-Ram-Power-Wagon-1121-876x535 2017-Ram-Power-Wagon-1131-876x535

2017-Ram-Power-Wagon-1181-876x535 2017-Ram-Power-Wagon-1161-876x535

2017-Ram-Power-Wagon-101-876x535 2017-Ram-Power-Wagon-106-876x535

2017-Ram-Power-Wagon-111-876x535 2017-Ram-Power-Wagon-116-876x535

2017-Ram-Power-Wagon-123-876x535 2017-Ram-Power-Wagon-135-876x535

2017-Ram-Power-Wagon-138-876x535 2017-Ram-Power-Wagon-147-876x535



2017 Ram Power Wagon: Unlimited Power! Unlimited Wagon!

As truck names go, “Power Wagon” is just about perfect. Just saying it conjures visions of manly men doing manly things with chainsaws, possibly in the woods, and certainly while wearing flannel shirts. Whereas the very capable Ford Raptor is focused on performing YouTube-worthy feats of high-speed derring-do, the Ram Power Wagon has long been a hard-core beast for people with things to do and stuff to haul in some of the most rugged terrain extant. To tarnish this storied legacy would be unfortunate. Thankfully the folks at Ram agree, as the updated-for-2017 Power Wagon hit the stage at the Chicago auto show prepped to continue its reign of heavy-duty off-road prowess.

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