「The FJ Company Signature」はランクルFJ43の超カッコいいレストア車両!

As you’d expect from The FJ Company, every Signature build begins with the steel armor of an original Land Cruiser – expertly restored and equipped with the iconic grille and badging that’s been part of the Land Cruiser’s DNA for decades.

1976-1983 Toyota® FJ43 Land Cruiser
Authentic steel body, restored and rebuilt by hand
Custom soft-top with fully removable side/rear windows and roll-back “sun roof”


Simply put, The FJ Company builds some pretty sweet vehicles. Go to its website and you can spend hours building and lusting over the perfect classic Toyota off-roader. These high-end, high-quality builds don’t come cheap, but you’d be hard pressed to find a better-built and more tastefully done FJ build. At SEMA 2017, The FJ Company debuted its latest model, the range-topping Signature build.

On the surface, it doesn’t look all that much different than any other Toyotas to roll out of The FJ Company’s shop. Look closely and you’ll find all that a number of details have changed. This latest project started life as a 1981 Toyota FJ43 Land Cruiser. A frame-off restoration restored the frame and bodywork to like-new condition. It was painted in Toyota’s Dune Beige color with a matte finish. From there things get far more detailed.

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