Volvo「新型 V60 Cross Country 2020」公式デザイン画像集!


Volvo purposely blurs the line between a station wagon and SUV with the V60 Cross Country because that is what has made the niche model popular with a loyal group of buyers, who are expected to continue to account for one-fourth to one-third of overall sales for the V60 range.

Volvo says these customers have historically preferred to stand apart from those people who purchase the Swedish automaker’s better-selling V60, a classic wagon, and XC60, a traditional SUV.

That is because Volvo says its research shows V60 Cross Country buyers want the practicality and space of a wagon with the go-anywhere credentials of an SUV, said Agneta Jildén, who is Volvo’s commercial project manager for all 60-series models except the XC60. One way that Volvo immediately distinguishes the models is via ground clearance. The V60 Cross Country is 210mm off the ground compared with 142mm for the V60 and 216mm for the XC60.

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