VW「ID Buzz Concept 2017」現代版ワーゲンバス発表;公式デザイン画像集!


Volkswagen ID Buzz concept is an electric microbus for the autonomous future

Partly a nostalgic revival of the Type-2 Microbus and partly an optimistic look at VW’s electric, autonomous future, the Volkswagen ID Buzz concept is totally rad.

German automaker Volkswagen continues its conceptual push towards an electrified future with the unveiling of the ID Buzz concept van on the eve of the 2017 Detroit auto show.

Just last week at CES, Chrysler — a brand that knows a things or two about vans — unveiled its Portal concept minivan. Today, VW unwraps a concept electric minivan of its own with a design based on one of the most iconic vans of all time. Does this mean that the future will be filled with autonomous, electric minivans? If so, count me all the way in!

VW’s new concept uses the same core ideas, design language and modular electric drive kit (MEB) architecture as the ID Concept that debuted at the Paris auto show last year. However, the ID Buzz draws its primary inspiration from the Volkswagen Type-2 Microbus, an icon of ’60s and ’70s automotive design, with a similar v-shape on the front fascia and a silhouette like a loaf of bread.

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